European Report on resilient regions preparation, aimed to identify and forecasts the future skills and training needs. With the involvement of public administrations and NGOs active in regional development, the Report analyses available resources and mechanisms, as well as regional policies for economical, health, social, ecological disaster risk reduction and common VET needs in the field of regional resilience building. The variety of regions involved ensures their relevance and representativeness in terms of diversity in approaches of regional policy making in consideration of the different challenges & realities.


Syllabus for the MOOC “Regions facing shocks: building resilient community”, based on the need analysis from the European Report on Resilient regions. This resource includes learning objectives, topics covered (4 modules), assignments and assessments, methods of delivery. The syllabus follows an innovative approach: common parts that can be easily and directly transferred to the 4 countries analysed and specific ones, tailored to the needs of the relevant regions.

Available in March 2021


MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Regions facing shocks: building resilient community”, tailored to public administration and HEIs students in the area of public administration and regional development. Based on the report of current needs in the field of resilient region-building, the modular course offers a proactive, integrated and multidisciplinary approach to regional and community planning as a prevention of societal, economic and environmental risks and for sustainable development. The course focuses on specific fields of risk, conflict, crises and project management, including notions related to migration, resilience and security.

Available in June 2022

A road map

The road map “Supporting a Resilient Region – a tool for the Sustainable Communities” is a standalone document, providing advice and tools through a proactive approach to crises. Designed primarily for the public administration, it can be useful for any subject interested in regional development by explaining the steps that regions and communities can take to build and strengthen their resilience. The Roadmap may serve as a tool for self-diagnostic of the level of regional resiliency in targeted regions.

Available in July 2022

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Three presentations on SlideShare will be published on syllabus, MOOC and Roadmap.


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