Pilot course – Levoča, September 2022

Sep 20, 2022 | News & Events

During the summer months until today, MAS LEV as project coordinator enabled 25 participants to join the MOOC with the aim to complete the pilot course within the Erasmus+ Programme project „ReFace – Regions facing shocks: building resilient community“. After implementation of the MOOC testing, 12 learners out of 25 shared their feedback.

Although participants reported small technical problems after registration, project partners prompt reaction helped them to deal with it. Additional information on how to turn on subtitles, speed up or slow down the video was added to MOOC.

The course, guided by MAS LEV, was attended primarily by practitioners, i.e. representatives of municipalities, entrepreneurs, employees of public administration and representatives of NGO and LAG active in the field of regional development.  They all agreed on the fact that the course contains a lot of interesting and important information, however, their lack of time did not enable them to deal with it in details. Many described the course as too extensive and they would prefer more practical form with face-to-face participation. Under the supervision of a skilled curator, participants could understand the theory better and would be able to turn the crises situations into practical actions on the basis of model examples.

They could imagine the online course as a repository of knowledge with unlimited access which could be used for reviving theoretical information. The participants also agreed that information could be beneficial for higher education students who are interested in jobs connected with regional development.

Crises do to not have limits; however, if we are prepared and have sufficient knowledge, we can cope with different adversities better. This is the main reason why the ReFace project is managed transnationally and in an online environment. We believe that all partner countries will benefit from the course and the project as a whole.