ReFace MOOC SK – Piloting results – short summary

Dec 14, 2022 | News & Events

Project objectives:

  • To increase the adaptability of regions and their resilience in order to thrive despite adversities and crises;
  • To develop competences, knowledge, and skills in the area of resilient regions and community building;
  • To provide effective tools and methods for the development of regional policies;
  • To promote the exchange of good practice and the creation of an informal network between the political authorities involved.

MOOC characteristics:

  • Used platform: MOODLE
  • Modules: 4:
    • Module 1 Resilience basic: roots & framework
    • Module 2 Regional resilience: life cycle & components
    • Module 3 Regional resilience planning: key players’ engagement &I vulnerability assessment
    • Module 4 Regional resilience: implementation, measuring & funding
  • The course was developed as the xMOOC (eXtended Massive Open Online Course: massive, open, and with multiple enrolment periods and subjects focused on scalability)

Appreciated by participants:

  • the videos are well-done, illustrative,
  • case studies are useful,
  • the course is well structured, easy to follow.

During the Slovak piloting run, the participants were continuously reporting minor technical issues. Some of them were easy and quick to fix, such as adding instructions on how to turn on the subtitles in the videos. Overall, participants did not report any issues with the content. This is a huge success for us and we can mainly focus on improving technical side of the course in order to make it as user friendly as possible.

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